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Stellar LJ

Graphics, Icons, Layouts, and more!

Stellar LJ - Layouts, Icons, Headers, F.O. Banners
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Layouts, Icons, Graphics & more!

Hey there, Welcome to Stellar LJ! This is my graphics community. Here you can find everything to keep your journal infinitely interesting. We have stellar layouts, headers, icons, friends only banners, and more. Browse through the memories for everything that has been posted here. Enjoi!

I have simple rules. Follow them.

1. Comment when taking anything from here.
2. Credit when taking anything from here.
3. Respect eachother.
4. No hotlinking. Host graphics to your own server.
5. Don't steal anything from here and claim them as your own.

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Current Layout
Code by: artphilia and customized by stellar_13

Credits for brushes/textures/patterns etc.
acidroses, afterglowmegami, hanako_lovely, alapsuscalami, amethystia, arisubox, astral_angel, boogieland, brithla_icons, butnotquite, caitirin, cala_jane, cathybites, contradictz, decayd_matter, dilkerhtahai, dirty_charity, dj43, dreamydaydream, _dreamworld, ewanism, goth_clark, _hakanaidreams, iiokua, sir, libumkeiki, liminalstate, luminicity, luthien_black, mascarajunkie83, meleada, misfitofthejedi, emonet25, missymw88icons, motjicons, lemonrocket, niqii, oh_pants, phlourish_icons, radon_, endlessdeep, resunik, ohfreckle, setine_kitsune, stardreamss, starlit_designs, sugarhouses, neke, talk_back, tsukicon, unmasked_icons, viciousgurl, webgoddess, xforeverxpunkx, xsnehax, xxkitty_katexx, asya_17, yuzurenai, Paper Sweets, hanako_lovely, gfxgurl, forbiddenstorm, mutsie_brushes, ca_pris, papayacrazy, hanako_lovely, sheerperfume.